Accounting Services SSC integration – Tessenderlo

“Right (wo)man at the right place at the right moment.”

After the acquisition INEOS ChlorVinyls we had to insource all accounting services provided by the SSC of Tessenderlo in Leuven. Since we were used to work within the structure and organization of the SSC it was obvious that additional support was required to prepare for the integration. At the same time we had to make sure that there was continuity on the supervision and guidance of the accounting aspect in order to maintain the quality and performance during this change phase. RGP responded very fast with the right consultant and right competence required for this job in order to start the preparation of the insourcing project and change phase.
The difference between RGP and its competitors is all about knowledge, understanding and trust. The Client Service Director does a great job; he understood our needs from a content point of view as well as the necessity of a cultural fit. In other words this is much more a business partnership where both parties are committed to success by combining their strengths, regardless of the problems that may occur.

Hans Mattheeuws, CFO INEOS ChlorVinyls LVM