Governance, Risk & Compliance

GRC leaders face an environment characterized by myriad emerging risks: expanding compliance obligations, disruptive technology, and ever-increasing governance expectations.  As leaders in this ​dynamic field, we work with top companies all over the world to establish ​processes and systems that mitigate risk and ensure compliance, while improving agility and productivity..

How Much Risk is Acceptable?

With today’s security, privacy, compliance and risk management issues—not to mention the transition to new Revenue Recognition standards—business leaders need innovative solutions for managing audit, compliance and risk. We bring years of problem-solving experience to GRC. Our flexible, custom approach bridges the gap between the theoretical and the practical. We favor open, compatible solutions to build cost-effective, sustainable, long-term processes that​ help our clients achieve their goals.


A Dynamic Discipline in Experienced Hands

GRC is a complex discipline, but with expertise in operations, controllership, and internal and external audit, we bring a proven framework and years of experience to every GRC engagement. The following chart includes a broad sampling of our core capabilities.